Creative Leadership Accelerator Program

An ISMC Program in Partnership with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership

Creative leaders in the advertising and related brand services industries face an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace. Among the many challenges and opportunities are new team, organizational and business models, innovative customer engagement and client relationship practices, talent recruitment and retention issues, rapidly changing technologies, and innovative approaches to integrated marketing.

To help brand leaders navigate this environment more successfully, CHINI Africa has partnered with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to offer a special three-day intensive training initiative in Lagos called the Creative Leadership Accelerator Program (CLAP). 

Slocum_Classroom.jpeg Program will be anchored by Professor David Slocum who has been the Faculty Director of the Cannes Leaders Programme and the Executive MBA Programme of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Using classroom lessons and interactions and participants’ own experiences, participants analyze leading industry practices and apply them to their individual businesses.  The program gives participants the tools, insights and actionable ideas to help them to be more effective strategic creative leaders of themselves, in their teams and agencies, and with their customers, clients and partners.  The concrete outcome will be individual strategic narratives that go beyond traditional strategic forecasts or scenarios and serve to clarify future priorities and drive sustainable creative excellence and client service.



Working with an experienced Berlin School trainer, participants will spend two days identifying their individual leadership values and each shaping an individual creative leadership compass. That compass will enable them to better navigate the challenges of leading themselves, others, creative teams and organizations, as well as clients and the industry. Intensive interactive sessions will address each of these spheres of leadership in participants' own agencies and help them to link lessons concretely to challenges and opportunities in the local and regional marketplace.  On the third day, they will draw together these lessons to formulate individual strategic narratives that articulate guiding values and future priorities and drive sustainable creative excellence and client service.   

Who should attend?

The Program is designed for CEOs, Directors, Creative Directors and other senior managers or others being prepared to step into those roles especially in the Marketing Communications industry - Brand Management, Advertising, PR, Media, Digital, Entertainment etc.

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