Advertising Creativity

A special 10-week course for advertising creatives  conducted by international award-winning teachers. It includes courses in Copywriting, Creativity and Art Direction. 

Course outline for Copywriting include:

Storytelling 1: about inspiration, Storytelling 2: the shapes of stories, Tips for becoming a better writer, Creating characters, Economy of language, From writing to copywriting, Relevance, relevance, relevance, About TV scripts, Nailing copy-based ads


Course Outline for Creativity include:

Advertising & ideas, The insights, Concepts, Techniques to have good ideas, Film is not dead, Simple not simplistic, No ATL, BTL, F*** The Line, Ideas that are real solutions, The power of digital, Case Studies

Course Outline for Art Direction include:

Introduction to Art Direction, Concept execution, Composition, Use of typography, Crafting, Visual training, Back to the 80’s, Art Director vs Graphic Designer, Art Direction in TV Commercials, How to make a good looking portfolio

Fee: N200,000 per course. N500,000 for the full course. 

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 Advertising Creativity - Copywriting, Creativity & Art Direction
 Strategy Planning
 Media Planning & Buying